We Are Powerful!

Our Mission

We have come together with the understanding that the system in which we live under is not in accord with the natural world. Our community and our people are damaged and we must return to the ways of the Mothers of our ancestors. It is our mission to heal the wombs of the women in our community.

Upcoming Events:

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Circle Activities

Our Sacred Circle  was created to benefit the entire community, regardless of one's religious belief or religious practice.

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I foud god in myself and i loved fer fiercely.

-Ntozake Shange

Modern life

We are not against technology or progress.We believe that you can't move forward properly if you denied, hidden or let go of your heritage.  You can not progress in a system that allows greed and apathy to run unchecked.

There is a balance to the human experince and to everything in this world

What dose the Name Mean?

Tusuubira Twinamaani

Tusuubira: We have hope

Twinamaani: We are powerful